Cougar Annie's Garden Entrance

Cougar Annie's Garden: Established 1915

Cougar Annie's Garden is the last remaining vestige of the homesteading period (1885 – 1920) on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

Hundreds of couples pitted themselves against the elements in the hope of creating their own Eden in the wilderness. The 117-acre property, which contains Cougar Annie's Garden, is covered by old growth rainforest containing trees over 1000 years old.

Boat Basin Foundation, a registered charitable organization, owns and maintains the property and the garden. The objectives of the Foundation are to preserve the garden for future generations and to encourage interest and education in natural history.

Rarely does a wilderness property have such strong cultural and natural history values. Over 90% of large old growth forests on Vancouver Island have been lost to logging and development. Early history of settlement has elsewhere disappeared. The property is clearly unique and in need of protection. Boat Basin Foundation asks those who are aware of the property to reflect upon these facts.

Cougar Annie with a gun

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Donations to Boat Basin Foundation are occasionally doubled (matched) by a second donor wishing to help support the Foundation's considerable annual garden maintenance and preservation expenses.

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Cougar Annie Centennial Knife

Cougar Annie Knife

Seth Cosmo Burton, Salt Spring Island knifemaker, founder of Cosmos Design and multiple visitor to Boat Basin, has created a limited edition of 'Cougar Annie Centennial knife'. A generous portion of sale proceeds will be donated to Boat Basin Foundation.

The knife design is based upon the Scandinavian bushcraft knife used over the past three decades in the process of the restoration of Cougar Annie's Garden.

Please visit for a description of the knife-making process, products offered by Cosmos Knives and for more details of the Cougar Annie Centennial Knife.