Cougar Annie's Garden Entrance

Temperate Rainforest Field Study Centre

The field study centre was constructed to provide a short-stay base for university and other groups interested in the ecology of the temperate rainforest and the flora of the garden. The facility is also available, on a very limited basis, to small groups.

Visiting priority is given to member's of Cougar Annie's Garden Club: a network of Boat Basin Foundation volunteers and donors.

The Facility

Seven cabins and a main building, Central Hall, all insulated, each with a wood burning stove and a deck, are situated on a ridge overlooking Rae Lake and out to Hesquiat Harbour. 

All structures, including two uniquely designed ‘educational buildings’ beside Rae Lake are linked to Cougar Annie’s garden through the rainforest via a 700-meter, cedar shake boardwalk

Central Hall is where people meet, study and dine.  Groups prepare their meals in the fully equipped kitchen and dine along the 25-foot, one piece, yellow cedar table. Groups are largely expected to be self-sufficient.  A list of required and recommended supplies will be provided when bookings are made.  

All of the buildings are made from western red cedar, selectively harvested and milled on the foundation's property.

Amenities are limited due to the remote setting. Running water is rudimentary, and there is no electricity. Forget your cellphone, it won't work out here; don't expect to receive or send e-mail; and come prepared to enjoy our artistically designed outhouses!

Boardwalk with bench

Boardwalks meander through the property

View from a Cabin

A vew from one of the cabins

Cabin at the Field Study Centre

Walking to a cabin on the boardwalk

Interior of a Cabin at the Field Study Centre

Interior of one of the cabins