Cougar Annie's Garden Entrance

The Facility

The Temperate Rainforest Field Study Centre is located on a south-facing ridge with views overlooking Cougar Annie's Garden and out to the horizon.

The facility has seven cabins. Every cabin was designed specifically for its site and is constructed with old growth cedar selectively harvested and milled on the property. All have one double bed and two comfortable sleeping benches. The cabins are insulated and have a wood burning stove, a deck, and a private outhouse.

The main building, Central Hall, is where guests gather, prepare meals, and dine. The spacious kitchen has an eight-burner stove, a large refrigerator, running water and is fully equipped with cooking utensils and dinnerware. Generous stainless counter space and a large wooden central island facilitate meal preparation. An industrial double sink with stainless side counters eases cleanup.

Rae Lake Educational Centre

A 750-metre split-cedar boardwalk connects the field study centre with the garden, Rae Lake Educational Centre and canoe dock, Annie's Museum, and the extensive forest trail network on the property.

Two unique, split-cedar, structures have been built near the dock area for seminars and/or group discussion. The Lesson Centre, with three lake-view walls of eight-pane windows, is located on a point of land overlooking Rae Lake. Facing the lectern of this 'Lecture Hall' are five split-level rows of benches that can seat twenty-five. The Seminar Room is cantilevered over Rae Lake with the fronting side open to the lake. This building can seat twenty around the red cedar slab parallelogram table.


Please see Visiting Opportunities for details.

Boardwalk with bench

Boardwalks meander through the property

View from a Cabin

A vew from one of the cabins

Cabin at the Field Study Centre

Walking to a cabin on the boardwalk

Interior of a Cabin at the Field Study Centre

Interior of one of the cabins

The Seminar Room perched over Rae Lake

The Seminar Room perched over Rae Lake

The Lesson Centre overlooking Rae Lake

The Lesson Centre overlooking Rae Lake

The Lesson Centre overlooking Rae Lake

A Student Group in a class at the Lesson Centre