Visiting Information

Boat Basin Foundation was established in 1998 as a registered charitable organization to own the property via donation, to preserve the garden, and to promote interest and education in natural and cultural history.

Day trips and overnight visits are a charitable activity.  Tax receipts are issued for a portion of visiting fees.  Before arrival guests must recognize net revenues go to preservation of Cougar Annie’s Garden.   Guests must also read a Waiver of Liability before arrival and verbally agree to terms therein upon arrival.

Boat Basin is within a wilderness area: only basic medical and emergency support is available. All visitors must confirm they are in good physical condition.

Bookings & Enquiries:

Temperate Rainforest Field Study Centre

To provide supporters and guests the opportunity to appreciate fully the spectacular cultural and natural history of the property the Temperate Rainforest Field Study Centre was constructed 2000-2003.  Facilities consist of: seven cabins, a large common building (Central Hall), and a swimming/canoe dock at Rae Lake linked to the facility by boardwalk.

Central Hall has a large, fully equipped kitchen and over 80 linear feet of dining space.

The facilities offer a perfect venue for an exclusive retreat.  No other guests are encountered.  Forest trails - beach walks - canoeing - swimming - heritage garden - and more. The full coastal wilderness experience!  

Thank you for considering a visit.   Not only will you have a memorable experience you will have contributed to
helping preserve a special piece of Canadiana.