Overnight Visits
Temperate Rainforest Field Study Centre

Overnight visits from Gold River are a charitable activity of Boat Basin Foundation.  Tax receipts are issued for a portion of visit cost.  Prior to booking, guests are required to readVisiting Information’ page and agree to terms therein.

Guests arrive self-contained and bring towels, pillowcases and sleeping bags.

No showers on site.   Guests often bathe in Rae Lake using biodegradable soap.


Flights, 3 nights accommodation, exclusive use of facilities, Gold River departure

Group Size   4   6   8  10  12
Fare: - flights, 3 nights (per guest) $750 $630 $560 $500 $475
- after-tax cost* (per guest) $570 $5485 $440 $390 $375
- per night after-tax cost* (per guest) $190 $165 $150 $130 $125

*Approximate for most taxpayers after income tax refund using charitable tax receipt issued by Boat Basin Foundation.
No GST is applicable.

The facilities offer the perfect venue for an exclusive ‘family bubble’ retreat.  No other travellers are encountered.   The seven cabins, spacious cooking and dining facilities, forest trails, beach walks, canoeing and swimming allow ample room to socially distance. 

Thank you for considering a visit.   Not only will you have a memorable experience visits contribute to the
preservation of a unique and special piece of Canadiana.