Overnight Visits
Temperate Rainforest Field Study Centre

Overnight visits are a charitable activity of Boat Basin. Tax receipts are issued for a portion of visit cost.
Guests are required to read 'Visiting Information' and agree to terms therein.
Guests arrive self-contained and bring towels, pillowcases, and sleeping bags.
No showers on site. Guests often bathe in Rae Lake using biodegradable soap.


Flights - 3 nights - exclusive use of facilities - Gold River departure

Group Size   4   6   8  10  12
Fare: -cost per guest $850 $700 $650 $575 $550
- tax receipt per guest 500 390 340 300 350
- after-tax cost per guest* 625-675 525-575 500-550 450-500 400-450

* Tax credit from receipt will depend upon the amount of other charitable tax receipts received during the taxation year.
No GST applicable.

The seven cabins and Central Hall - spacious cooking and dining areas - make the perfect venue for family & group retreats.

Thank you for considering a visit. You will have a memorable experience and contribute to the
preservation of a unique and special piece of Canadiana.