Overnight Visits
Temperate Rainforest Field Study Centre

Boat Basin Foundation

Groups, size 4-29, are invited to overnight, with exclusive use of the facilities. Overnight visits are a charitable activity of the Foundation.
Guests are required to read the 'Visiting Page' and agree to the conditions therein.

TEMPERATE RAINFOREST FIELD STUDY CENTRE has seven cabins with 9 double beds and 11 sleeping benches. Central Hall features a 25 ft., one-piece dining table (capacity 24) and six side tables (capacity 12). The kitchen has a propane stove (8 burners - no oven), a large island and counter area, solar refrigerator, fresh/potable water, and is fully-equipped with cooking and dining utensils.

RAE LAKE EDUCATIONAL CENTRE (Seminar Room and Lesson Centre) is an excellent facility for group discussion.

Two-night stays including Flights

Group Size   4   6   8  10  12  14
Fare cost per guest - two nights $475 $445 $425 $415 $400 $385
Total group tax receipts $800 $1000 $1300 $1500 $1900 $1700
Approx. after tax cost per guest - two nights $390 $375 $355 $350 $340 $345

Visit fare per guest is lowest when aircraft capacity (4 or 6) is utilized.
Accommodation rate per guest reduces with group size.

Guests are self-contained and bring towels and sleeping bags
(or sheets and pillowcases - a limited number of sleeping bags are available as blankets).

Lake swimming - no shower facilities. Floatplanes have weight and stowage capacity restrictions.

Visits are organized through:

Charity Registration # 88805 5423 RR0001